The Message

Tyler Steadycam Shoot

I watched that video for Tyler Arboretum again and was reminded of something: when we did the shoot we had a Steadycam operator on our crew. The Steadycam allows those amazing "floating" shots where the camera moves smoothly through the scene. The actual equipment is worn like a high-tech vest that fits over the shoulders and the camera is mounted on a precision spring/counterweight system that allows for the smooth movement. It weighs about forty pounds and requires quite a bit of training to learn how to use it.

When we did the Tyler Arboretum shoot it was July. A hot July day. The camera operator had to wear this heavy contraption and was drenched in sweat. We would shoot for ten or fifteen minutes then take a ten minute break so he could sit and cool off and get some water. It was a long, grueling day. the results are beautiful and the finished video is still one of my favorites. But in November it's hard to imagine a day that was so hot we could barely stand it.

David Sibley