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R&R Hall of Fame Radio Personality Dick Summer’s Tell-All Guide to Keeping your Fires Burning

MEDIA,PA –February 1, 2013 – Baby Boomers, look out. Rock n’ Roll Hall of fame radio host Dick Summer has some eye-opening news for his so-called “Louie Louie Generation. ” Summer’s “Louie Ladies and Lads” may no longer have bodies like the people in the beer commercials, with their fancy abs and perky breasts, but as their namesake theme song suggests, they have a happy attitude.  And that “Gratitude Attitude,” as he calls it, leads to being healthy and hot.

Staying Healthy, Happy and Hot is a collection of true stories about Summer’s life as a husband, a father, a grandfather, and an everyday neighbor and friend.  He tells us tales of becoming a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame broadcasting personality and his passion for flying his airplane.  Most of all, he brings us into the most intimate part of his life – his long, hot romance with his wife, Barbara, who he affectionately calls, “My Lady Wonder Wench.”  He says, “She makes me feel powerful, because she lets me make her feel beautiful.”

He’s funny.  He’s blunt.  He’s edgy.  He bares all.  His stories are engrossing, and his advice insightful.  It’s his humor and honesty that captures readers and listeners, and leaves them wanting to hear more.  Summer’s words will make you laugh and cry, will give you courage, and will make you feel safe and comfortable.  He says, "As long as you have some moving parts left, for cryin' out loud, move 'em."

Staying Healthy, Happy, and Hot has received accolades from the well-respected Kirkus Reviews.

“Summer adroitly covers the waterfront of topics relevant to seniors from work to retirement, from the slights of aging to the joys of fulfilled relationships,” according to Kirkus.  [Summer’s vignettes] “display a keen sense of humor and a sharp understanding about how to live a happy, healthy, and hot life.  After all, ‘Louie Louie Generation guys and gals have a big advantage in figuring things out: it’s called been there, done that.’”

Dick Summer was one of the most popular disc jockeys in New York City and Boston and on the NBC Radio Network in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. Today, his uniquely comfortable voice is heard every day on national radio and television commercials.  He has worked with many famous radio personalities, including, Wolfman Jack, Imus, Cousin Brucie, and has interviewed countless famous musicians on his radio shows.  Fans everywhere still love listening to his voice.

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