The Message

Covering the Veterans Day Parade

Once again ON VIDEO provided video coverage of the Delaware County Veterans Day Parade in Media. ON VIDEO is the corporate video production division of The Media Message. This is the thirteenth Veterans Day Parade we've shot. The weather was outstanding, with lots of bands helping the celebration, kids, adults, veterans, dignitaries. It is consistently a well-organized event.

It's great to honor the country's veterans each year. I never served in the military; The closest I ever came was being a Patrol Leader in the Boy Scouts. And believe me, we did not face any dangerous or life-threatening situations in the basement of St. Mark's Lutheran Church. The Veterans Day parade stirs patriotic pride and inspires gratitude to remember the sacrifices and hardship of those who served, and their families who waited anxiously to welcome them home.

As always, the hardest part is thinking about those who never came home. I'm proud that Delaware County makes such a tremendous effort to remember our veterans each November, and throughout the year.

David Sibley