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Tyler Arboretum Clean Up

This weekend I put on my best messy clothes and went to Tyler Arboretum to help clear their hiking trails. There are about 20 miles of wooded trails out there, and ultra-mega-super-storm Sandy brought down several trees across some trails.

About 30 volunteers split into 4 teams and spent all morning clearing huge tree trunks and tons of branches and sticks from the trails.

I first visited Tyler Arboretum a few years ago when ON VIDEO made a video titled "Discover Tyler". You can see it here:
ON VIDEO is the video production division of The Media Message, and in addition to the on-location shoot, we also wrote the script, did the editing and graphics to complete the video.

The weather Saturday was fantastic, and it was great to get outside and do something worthwhile to benefit Tyler. It is an amazing place. A portion of the Arboretum is surrounded by a twelve-foot fence to protect the plants from deer. But for hiking, you go through a tall gate and venture outside the exclusion fence and wander through the woods. The trails are really well marked and very wide. You feel like you are out in the wilderness.

David Sibley